christina maria zanetti

graphic design work

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more recent work

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advertising still-life images

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Camera: Canon 5D, Canon 20D

Equipment: Calumet Elite 2500, Arri Hot Lights with Sheet Diffuser, Calumet Travel Lite

self-portrait series two

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New Website!

Hey! So I created a new website, this time using a template because to be honest I do not understand Flash all that great sooo if you have time please check out the following link:

I’d also love some feedback on it!



some more exhibitions i am entering

These are a few exhibitions I have submitted work to already as well as ones that I plan on submitting work to in the next 2 weeks.

I will not find out until May for PDN, later March/April for Silver & Ink, and much later in the year for Hearst.  I will keep everyone posted though on the status of those.

“a smile passed by surrounded by lace”

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This is a diptych I created based off of a dadaist quote, “a smile passed by surrounded by lace.”  My mind quickly went to the idea of awkward encounters and uncomfortable situations as well as the good and bad sides that come along with those situations.  I also thought of having secrets that you do not share with anyone.  The image on the left depicts the good, graceful, and elegant side of this quote and my thought process while the image on the right depicts the evil, enticing aspect of the quote and my thought process.

Below are a few other images shot during the same shoot that fit with this theme but were not used in creating the diptych but nonetheless still liked.

Camera:  Phase One P25

Equipment: Tripod, Calumet Strobes, One Large Soft-Box and One Small Soft-Box, Beauty Dish, Capture One.

conceptual studio: sight

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This series captures how I interpret sight and how I would photography such an intangible theme.  I first thought how would I explain something to someone who cannot see.  My thought process then led to how do you explain life to a child.  This series is a dialogue between the person without sight and the person who can indeed see; the two images without the model are representing how life can be explained.  The first image explaining that life can be sweet, gentle, and soft and the latter image explaining that life can sometimes be hard, painful, and sharp.  I used myself as the model.

Camera: Canon Rebel XT

Equipment:  Tripod, Cable Release, Hot Lights

a few 4×5 images

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potential exhibitions

Hopefully, I will be able to get my work into at least one of these exhibitions. Wish me luck!