About: Christina Maria Zanetti

Christina Maria Zanetti is a graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design having earned a BFA with a focus in Fine Art Photography.

Christina began her college career at Eckerd College studying creative writing, as well as journalism. She decided to transfer and pursue her passion for photography after completing a black-and-white photography course in Abiqui, New Mexico in the winter of 2006.

Christina is a fine art photographer, creating work that is very personal and often depicted through still-life images as well as self-portraits. She loves using different Polaroid cameras, her Holga, as well as the 4×5 and 8×10 land cameras to create her images.

Currently, Christina is residing in Savannah, GA where she works at Desotorow Gallery. She also works as a freelance photographer and is a member of the Savannah Art Association where she is a contributing artist and curator.

In her free time she continues to work on her photographic and creative writing portfolio, experiment with different photographic processes and themes, as well as combining her writing and photographs into an individual piece of art.

For commissions or requested works her contact is: