JuYeon Kim : ‘The In-Between’

by Christina M Zanetti

I just got back from the Gutstein Gallery, in Savannah, GA, where JuYeon Kim’s show, ‘The In-Between’ is being exhibited.  It features installations by the artist that were created in the Spring of 2010.  There are two large-scale installations that visitors can walk inside; one installation exhibits the darker side of the human experience, displaying fear, anger, hopelessness, sadness, violence, etc.  The second installation exhibits somewhat of a more hopeful vision of the human experience, showing a range of emotions such as joy, pleasure, contentment while also showing grief and the harsher sides of reality but, at the same time, showing the process of rebirth.  It was an emotional experience for me because I feel I am in the process of rebirth, taking the positive and the negative and trying to embrace everything that comes my way.  It’s easier said than done but it’s exactly that, a process and I would rather experience this than run away and numb myself from “experiencing” the human experience, which is what I did for so long.  The show truly inspired me in multiple ways; I went to Primary Art, which is a local art supply store here in Savannah, bought some Lotta Jansdotter Stencils and a book on altering clothing/accessories so I can get back to being creative, it also inspired me to write this entry, to check out the other shows going on around town, as well as gave me gratitude for my life, family, friends, and the path I am going down now.  It’s funny how a show like Kim’s can inspire and affect someone like this, but that is what I love about art and the process of creating and hope I can translate such ideas and thoughts into my work.