“a smile passed by surrounded by lace”

by Christina M Zanetti

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This is a diptych I created based off of a dadaist quote, “a smile passed by surrounded by lace.”  My mind quickly went to the idea of awkward encounters and uncomfortable situations as well as the good and bad sides that come along with those situations.  I also thought of having secrets that you do not share with anyone.  The image on the left depicts the good, graceful, and elegant side of this quote and my thought process while the image on the right depicts the evil, enticing aspect of the quote and my thought process.

Below are a few other images shot during the same shoot that fit with this theme but were not used in creating the diptych but nonetheless still liked.

Camera:  Phase One P25

Equipment: Tripod, Calumet Strobes, One Large Soft-Box and One Small Soft-Box, Beauty Dish, Capture One.